Churches Reopen – Limited Chairs Available

Finally our churches have reopened but with a limited number of slots available. You can now only book in to go to mass or any of the other sacraments (confession also). Currently due to Covid-19 the number of people allowed to attend mass is limited to 50 slots. This means that you are NOT required to fulfill your obligation of going to Sunday Mass during these times.

Chair space is limited but you can book your seat online or by contacting your local church. In other news you can also stream mass on Sunday mornings and this is held in a different church each week.

Many Churches are having to order in more comfortable chairs for their parishioners. Chair sales have seen a huge spike recently as many people are still forced to work from home which means they needed to invest in their home office space. Chairs such as comfortable gaming chairs from companies like Housetech are proving super popular during the pandemic.

Other related forms of home office equipment have also proven quite popular. Many people have had to change their spare room into a working office since the pandemic has begun.

With the second wave looking imminent in a lot of European countries some countries have had to reimpose a form of lock down. Here in Ireland our second wave has not come yet but as the economy reopens people are beginning to get more nervous again.

In the last few days several building sites and creches have had to close due to outbreaks of Covid-19. This means that these people will need to isolate for 14 days or until they get a negative Covid-19 test.